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A place to showcase my web portfolio. Simple designs for people who want an online presence, but have no desire for an "all singing, all dancing" setup. This strive for simplicity is met with customised and affordable choice, with a budget that reflects your needs.


Here are some examples of websites I have managed.
Some are past clients, and some are live right now!

Silhouette Studio


National Sprint Association



Team Flying Duck Theory

About Me

Loulan, AKA Lucinda, has always loved computers and has fond memories her first family pc - a Packard Bell with Windows 95 installed. She has no qualifications in IT as she is completely self taught, but there are a few good points to this; including that in meetings she uses very basic terms, without being patronizing. It's important to her that you are happy with the final result.


This contact page is not up and running yet. Please do not use the contact box at present.
If you need to get in touch, try my facebook link in the bottom left corner. Thank you.